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Which home treadmill for sale should I buy?

We stock a wide range of treadmill machines and it is difficult to decide which home treadmill to buy.

We have compiled a list of our best home treadmills and what they are suited for. ( The treadmills are listed from low to high price range bracket)

Horizon Citta Treadmill:

This home treadmill with desk and wifi is a good walking treadmill.  The sleek, simplistic design also makes it the best space-saving treadmill. (Plus, the treadmill is designed in such a way that it will look like a statement piece instead of a bulky exercise product in your home.)

Perfect for:

You don’t have time to work out and don’t necessarily have space at home for a treadmill. You would like to do light running or walking whilst still working or catching up on social media on the treadmill desk. Looking for a treadmill that is beautiful as much as it is functional? Then the Citta Compact Treadmill is perfect for you.

Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill:

The Adventure 3 Treadmill provides quality in the comfort of your own home. It offers 12 programs and is passport ready ( this means that you can buy the passport media player separately and run virtual routes across the globe.)

Perfect for:

You are looking for a durable, quality home treadmill that you can run on for a maximum of 2 hours a day. You want a basic console with programs that can assist with your training. You are concerned about space, the Adventure 3 Treadmill has featherlight folding making it easy to store whilst not in use.

Horizon Adventure 7 Treadmill:

The Adventure 7 treadmill is a home treadmill that is built for performance and offers an extra-long deck, Like the Adventure 3 treadmill it is also passport ready, but offers 16 programs.

Perfect for:

You are an avid runner and you are looking for a running treadmill that the entire family can use for up to 3 hours a day.  You need a longer deck and a strong motor that will ensure longevity of the running machine. You are interested in a basic console with programs that allow you to focus on calorie burn, distance targets or custom programs. View the Adventure 7 Treadmill. 

Matrix TF30 Treadmill:

The Matrix home treadmills are the closest commercial quality treadmill that you will find for your home.  Discover one of the most durable home treadmills available.  These treadmills offer the industries most advanced frame and deck combinations and is folding for space optimization. Choose from 3 console options, ranging from the XR basic console ( no Virtual Active, but is passsport ready), XER 10″ touchscreen or the XIR 16″ HD touchscreen that comes standard with virtual active running routes.

Perfect for:

You are looking for the best home treadmill that you and or your family can run on for 3 + hours a day. The XIR console is ideal if you are looking for an interactive, cutting-edge console that offers Facebook, twitter, Sprint 8, Netflix, Youtube and more.   View the TF30 XIR Treadmill.

If you would like a sales executive to contact you and provide answers to any of your treadmill questions, contact us here.