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Radisson Blu Hotel Gym Equipment Showcases

Radisson Blu Hotel selected Matrix Fitness to be their preferred gym equipment supplier for their various hotel gyms such as Park Inn Newlands By Radisson, Radisson Blu Le Vendome Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel and Residence and Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko West Africa Freetown

The Radisson hotels are stylish with elegant furnishings and modern conveniences and Matrix Fitness was ecstatic to be chosen to supply their hotel gyms with premium gym equipment for their training facilities. Each of the below hotels had their own mandate as to which products and layouts they required for their facilities.

Commercial Gym Equipment placed into facilities: 

Vision VT60 Treadmills 

Matrix 1x Cardio Range 

TRX Suspension Trainer 

Various Reebok functional items

Multi Gyms

Various Strength Equipment

Cardio Range: 

The Matrix one series cardio range was chosen as the range is aesthetically pleasing and in line with the Hotel Group’s international standards.
The Range is also better suited to cater for the mixed variety of guests using the gyms.

Factors that played a role in selecting the 1x cardio range were ease of use and echo friendliness, as the elliptical and upright cycle are self- generated, which simultaneously reduces monthly costs.
The VT60 treadmill was chosen as it is the perfect fit for these hotels. Not only was it within their required budget, but it has the right spec to cater for the type of clientele that make use of their facilities.

Functional Training Items: 

The TRX Suspension Trainers were added as they provide versatility to the various forms of training that is possible whilst staying at the hotel.

Functional Training is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular and thus various Reebok functional items were placed into facilities to ensure that all needs are catered for.