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Quick Home Treadmill Buying Guide:

1. Test the treadmill

Test the treadmill to see the quality of the treadmill and how sturdy it is. Make sure to test the treadmill properly and add incline and speed. Note that some treadmills are best for running and other treadmills are best for walking. Be sure that the treadmill you are looking at best suits your training needs.

2. Treadmill Deck: Treadmill Deck Size and cushioning

Consider your height and running stride length. If you are taller and have a longer running stride opt for a treadmill deck that offers a long running area like the one on the Horizon Adventure 7 treadmill. Ensure that the cushioning on the treadmill deck feels firm and stable and provides sufficient support when running.

3. Folding or non-folding:

Will you have a dedicated area for your home gym and treadmill or are you adding your treadmill to a spare room or lounge? If the latter is true, consider a folding treadmill that can easily be stored when guests come over. Have a look and make sure that the treadmill can fold with ease and has a hydrolic mechanism that can assist.

4. After-sale service: Ask the treadmill supplier the following questions.

  • Will the supplier deliver and install your treadmill at your home at no additional cost?
  • Do they stock spare parts? (If not, bear in mind that should anything break on your treadmill, these parts will have to be ordered and this shipping process will prolong the downtime of your treadmill.)
  • Do they have a service plan/ maintenance plan available for your home treadmill? Or a qualified technician that can service your running machine?

5. Treadmill Motor Size:

This is quite an important feature to consider when buying a treadmill in South Africa. Ensure that the motor adequately meets your needs. A key point to remember is to look at continuous horsepower and not peak horsepower. Read more on the difference between peak and continuous horsepower.

6. Features:

There are many manufacturers that offer a variety of treadmill console features and programs. Decide beforehand what is important to you and choose a treadmill that will suit your training goals. Look for a console with features that will challenge you and assist you with progressing your treadmill workouts.

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