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  • 600_290_u60_multi_position_handgrips
  • 600_290_bi_adjustable_pedal_straps
  • 600_290_pure_comfort_upright_seat
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  • Product_U60_Vision_Cycle
  • 600_290_u60_multi_position_handgrips
  • 600_290_bi_adjustable_pedal_straps
  • 600_290_pure_comfort_upright_seat
  • 600_290_u60_data_driven

Vision VU60 Upright Cycle- Black Friday Sale

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Data-driven for Optimal Workout Feedback

Customize your feedback view with this easy-to-read LED console featuring 17 programs. Provides easy-to-read feedback at a glance, including time, distance, speed, resistance, level, RPM, METs, watts and heart rate. Plus, heart rate training is easy with the contact grips and built-in wireless receiver.

Pure Comfort Upright Seat

Pure Comfort seats are designed for just that – ultimate comfort. Compare it to any other bike seat. Users will pedal for miles in comfort.

Adjustable Pedal Straps

Vision Fitness® exercise bike pedals are self-balancing with easy-to-adjust straps to fit multiple users.

Multi-position Handgrips

Our multi-position handgrips fit any user, allow for different muscle emphasis, and add variety to your workout. Contact heart rate grips are built in for quick and convenient feedback.

Two-stage Self-powered Generator

Our two-stage electromagnetic generator system produces power and allows for freedom of placement anywhere in the room.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring

The wireless Polar® receiver provides workout-friendly heart rate monitoring that is more convenient and accurate than traditional analog heart rate grips. This feature is ideal for those who need to track their pulse for heart rate target training. Chest strap not included.


U60 Upright Bike
Model U60
Frame Type Heavy gauge welded steelupright frame
Pedal Type Self-balancing with adjustable straps
Seat Type Pure Comfort seat
Seat Adjustment Up / down
Resistance System 2-stage self-generating power
Resistance Range 1 – 25
Handle Bar Type Multi-position handlebars
Display 10×14 dot-matrix LED profile display, 16 alphanumeric LEDs with scrolling feedback, 4 customizable feedback LEDs and HR zone display
Workout Feedback Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, Resistance, Level, RPM, METs, Watts, Heart Rate, Target Heart Rate, % Max Heart Rate, Profile
Programs 12: Classic (Manual, Interval, Fat Burn, Random), Watts (Constant Watts, Interval Watts, Hill Watts), Goal (Time Goal, Distance Goal, Calories Goal), HRT (HRT Weight Loss, HRT Interval)
Heart Rate Contact grips and wireless receiver
iPod Integration No
Accessories Water bottle holder and reading rack
Assembled Weight 52 kg /115 lbs.
Assembled Dimensions 104 x 65 x 138.3 cm / 41″ x 25.6″ x 54.4″
Max User Weight 182 kg / 400 lbs.