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Matrix Fitness Training Cycle

Matrix CXP Training Cycle

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The new series of Matrix Cycling bikes -which includes the CXC Training Cycle, CXM Training Cycle and CXP Target Training Cycle- appeals to both cycling enthusiasts and club members looking for a unique group exercise experience, helping club owners fill more cycling classes on their facility calendar.

Why choose the Matrix Training Cycles?

Advanced ergonomics and adjustments –Training Cycles begins with a narrow Q-factor that optimizes the position of the hips, knees and feet to comfortably mimic a real outdoor riding experience.

Enhanced comfort and convenience- All of our Training Cycles include an ergonomically sculpted Velo seat to relieve pressure on touchpoints, making even long, intense cycling classes comfortable.

Streamlined Service and Setup- Foot platforms and an ergonomically sculpted set provide stability when entering and exiting.

Metrics that Matter- The most exciting feature of the new spin bikes are their consoles;
CXP- Target Training Display captures and clearly displays a range of measurable metrics that are essential to creating an engaging experience. You can design classes that focus on favourites like calories, RPMs, heart rate or distance, and you can even track watts generated within 2% accuracy. Holding sessions that focus on different metrics keeps cycling classes fresh and helps members see quantifiable progress with every pedal stroke.

  • Integrated FTP testing and a sub-max heart rate test helps to establish personalized targets for each rider’s ability levels and fitness goals.
  • Display’s LED wrap lights with three colours to express each rider’s level of effort relative to their personalized metric target.