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CXM Cycle Spin Bike

Matrix CXM Training Cycle

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The new series of Matrix Cycling bikes -which includes the CXC Training Cycle, CXM Training Cycle and CXP Target Training Cycle- appeals to both cycling enthusiasts and club members looking for a unique group exercise experience, helping club owners fill more cycling classes on their facility calendar.

Why choose the Matrix Training Cycles?

Advanced ergonomics and adjustments –Training Cycles begins with a narrow Q-factor that optimizes the position of the hips, knees and feet to comfortably mimic a real outdoor riding experience.

Enhanced comfort and convenience- All of our Training Cycles include an ergonomically sculpted Velo seat to relieve pressure on touchpoints, making even long, intense cycling classes comfortable.

Streamlined Service and Setup- Foot platforms and an ergonomically sculpted set provide stability when entering and exiting.

Metrics that Matter- The most exciting feature of the new spin bikes are their consoles; CXM-Quick-response, generator-powered backlit LCD console that clearly displays key metrics and offers intuitive operation when switching between watts, heart rate, RPMs or lap mode (compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth).