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Matrix 8-stack Multi-station – Aura Series

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Features and Benefits

Designed so more than one of each station can be assembled in each 4-stack

Each configuration contains one or more of the following popular gym exercises: low row with dual pulleys, lat pulldown with dual pulleys, adjustable cable column, and triceps pressdown

Four configurations with a varying number of stations, 4-stack, 5-stack, 8-stack, and freestanding adjustable cable crossover

Low row and lat pulldown have dual pulley configurations for greater training variety

5-stack and 8-stack configurations come with a connecting cable crossover tube with integrated pull-up bar



Weight Stack:    4 x 91 kg, 4 x 134 kg / 4 x 200 lbs., 4 x 295 lbs.

Shipping Weight:              2585 kg / 5700 lbs.

Total Weight:     1996 kg / 4400 lbs.

Overall Dimensions:        561.3 x 145.6 x 251.7 cm / 221.0″ x 57.3″ x 99.1″


Bottle & Towel Holder:  Yes

Ergo Form Cushions:       No

Color-coded Pivots & Adjusts:    Yes


Suspension:       3-Point Design

Weight Pins:       Magnetic & tethered

Guards & Pulleys Covers:             Yes

Self-lubricating Weight Stack Bushings:  Solid cold-rolled steel plate, with Teflon inner bushings.


Over-sized Frame Tubing:            Yes

Frame Finish:     Proprietary two-coat powder process

Frame Color:      Polarized Titanium