Connexus Perimeter

Connexus Perimeter

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  • Wall-mounted system optimizes underutilized wall and corner space
  • Offers broad training opportunity using bars, bands, medicine balls, boxing bags, TRX straps and more ( Accessories not included.)
  • Moveable low, mid and high attachment points offer training flexibility
  • Enhanced adjustability simplifies set-up and transitions between exercises
  • Suitable for individual, small group and class training
  • Optional expansion kit allows unlimited training potential
  • Optional med ball target can be used with slam balls and a wide variety of med balls to enhance power training programs
  • Optional magnetic chalkboard features storage slot for chalk, smart phone or tablet & allows trainers to post workout information in highly visible area
  • Optional landmine attachment allows trainers to incorporate more explosive power training into programming

See full product spec here: GFTWM