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Citta Home Treadmill

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Simply Sophisticated

While everyone wants the right tools to refine their body and improve their health, not everyone wants a piece of large equipment that dominates their space, especially if that space doubles as a place for family and guests to gather. The Citta Series solves this dilemma with a design that’s minimalist and modern without sacrificing quality and performance.

Enjoy simply exhilarating exercise on a treadmill designed to fit the rhythms of your day — jog, walk to unwind, or bring your work to life on the optional removable desk.

The Citta Treadmills are Wi-Fi  enabled and have FeatherLight folding for convenient storage.

A Touch of Gold 

The timeless combination of black and gold bring a glimmer of unmistakable sophistication to your space

Forms That Welcome 

The easy-access designs of each frame make it possible for any family member to start their journey to better health.

Magazine Rack 

Integrated magazine racks provide convenient storage.