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Home Upright Bikes

We bring you the industry’s most stable, comfortable and versatile step-through bike. A perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology, durability and comfort for an invigorating workout. When riding is a pleasure you get more out of your workouts.


Matrix Fitness supplies a wide range of home gym equipment and part of the range is our exclusive range of home upright bikes.

All Matrix Fitness home upright bikes are made with the finest of details and quality you can trust. Designed and Manufactured by Johnson Health Tech, the Horizon and Matrix upright bikes offers an unrivalled quality and unmatched feature set.

There are two brands available when shopping for home upright bike machine online, Horizon Fitness and Matrix Fitness.

The Comfort 5 upright bike forms part of the Horizon Fitness home range and provides a comfortable cycle for your home.

Comfortable to use, the upright exercise bike has a unique step-through frame that allows all users to easily gain access to the Horizon Fitness upright bike, as well as ergonomically designed grips that provide a comfortable handle position.

Users can place their water bottles and towels on the thoughtful storage units whilst training and place all their focus on their fitness goals.

The Horizon Comfort 5 is perfect for anyone looking to start training at home or looking to maintain their current fitness level.

The Matrix U30 forms part of the premium Matrix Fitness home range and is the closest club quality available for the home environment. Also offering a step-through design as well as unmatched quality, the Matrix U30 upright bike for sale is ideal for all users.

The Matrix U30 upright bike machine is manufactured by Johnson Health Tech, who invest in unique technologies that are unrivalled and provide a workout like no other.

Premium Johnson Health Tech features include a dual form frame that provides increased rider stability during cycling. The Comfort Arc Seat was made to offer unmatched comfort, support and balance to the rider.

The Matrix Upright bikes are not only durable products with a great feature set, but they are aesthetically pleasing and will add to your home space instead of taking away from it.

The Matrix U30 upright bikes have two options available for the console, the XR console or the XIR console.

The XR console provides simple, clear feedback and is ideal for keeping track of goals and exceeding them. The XIR console offers the ultimate in entertainment and cutting-edge technology, with unique programs such as Sprint 8 HIIT training. Sprint 8 was designed by Dr Phil Campbell and offers a HIIT workout that focuses on body fat loss. It is suggested to do Sprint 8 three times a week for best results. You can also watch Netflix, catch up on social media or cycle through the virtual active routes on the upright bike for sale, making your ride so much more enjoyable.

Where to buy Upright bikes?
Shop quality home upright bikes form Matrix Fitness South Africa. Complete with a unique step-through frame and cutting-edge technology, the Matrix Fitness home upright bikes offer unique features for users to enjoy. Cycle through exotic destinations with Virtual active or burn off body fat with the renowned Sprint 8 HIIT program.

Matrix Fitness has a team of qualified service technicians available for preventative maintenance or to repair cardio upright bikes.

Matrix Fitness is based in Fourways, Johannesburg, but has representation across South Africa and delivers throughout the whole of South Africa.

Trust the fastest-growing commercial brand and start your exercise journey with us today.

What muscles do upright bikes work?
Upright exercise bikes target lower body muscles and provide a great cardio workout for users. Surprisingly the Upright bike also works your core muscles, as you have to work to keep yourself upright during your cycle.