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Commercial Benches

Free weight training provides a challenging option for exercise veterans and workout novices. Matrix Fitness offers bench and weight rack portfolios that provide exercisers with a complete and effective strength training workout.


Matrix Fitness offers a range of premium gym benches that support strength training exercise. The Magnum range is the best choice when selecting a fitness bench for athletes or weight-lifters. The Magnum series offers unmatched quality and unrivalled performance that focuses on assisting athletes in reaching their peak performance in smarter ways. The durable heavy gauge steel tubing is an impeccable design made to endure the most demanding gym environments. 

Matrix fitness Magnum benches also have colour coded adjustment points, making it easy for the user to select their most comfortable position that suit their individual needs. 

The Aura series offers superior comfort for beginners and fitness enthusiasts alike. The Aura range offers unmistakable greatness with a signature round tubing design and stylish exterior. 

You can place Matrix Fitness gym benches into your strength area with confidence, knowing that you selected products that will work as hard for you as it does for your members.

The Matrix Fitness range of gym benches for sale offer a wide variety starting from the popular flat bench all the way to an adjustable AB bench. 

To ensure that the Matrix gym benches remains in mint condition, both the Magnum and Aura range receives two coats of powder finishes during manufacturing. This assists in preventing scratches and chips and maintains your investment for a longer period of time. 

Discover a range of benches that assist members in targeting their lower body, upper body and core muscles. 

Multi adjustable benches can be adjusted to perform shoulder presses, chest presses and core exercises. Pair the exercises with weights for best results. 

Standing arm curls and Preacher curls offer sturdy benches that support standing and seated bicep curls. 

The MI Back Trainer offers a fitness bench that targets lower back muscles whilst the Glute ham bench targets the glutes, hamstrings an calve muscles. The range of Matrix fitness benches truly target all body muscles and will offer users wide variety of exercise options. 

Matrix Fitness also offer a unique range of benches with racks that can be used to hold Olympic bars and weight plates to optimise the space layout of the commercial facility. The Olympic flat bench has weight storage horns which keep weight plates in close distance when performing workouts, adding to the convenience of strength training. 

Matrix Fitness commercial benches are a favourite amongst club owners as well as athletic performance facilities around the globe. Place the Matrix range of gym benches into your strength area along with other plate loaded equipment to create a space that supports your athletes and members in achieving their weight training goals. 

What do I use gym benches for?  

Gym benches can be used to perform a variety of weight training exercises ranging from bench presses to shoulder presses, as well as ab workouts that strengthen your core. It is best to pair quality weights with your bench to optimise strength training sessions. 

Where can I buy commercial gym benches? 

Shop the bench press for sale and other commercial benches from Matrix Fitness South Africa. Matrix Fitness delivers and installs throughout South Africa and have a team of qualified technicians available to service and maintain your gym equipment. Matrix Fitness stock a wide range of commercial gym benches as well as free weights that can be used during strength training sessions. Commercial gyms, corporate facility and professional athlete gyms choose Matrix Fitness for durable products and world-class after sale service. Contact Matrix Fitness South Africa on 0860 888 888 or fill in a contact form online and a sales executive will be in touch.  

As the world's premier brand dedicated to serving fitness enthusiasts at home and in the club, Matrix redefines the excercise experience with dynamic performance, sleek design, advanced functionality, exclusive workout programs and the kind of durability that stands up to rigorous use by multiple users, day after day for years.

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