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Pierre loves the MX4 group training system:

The first time I was introduced to the Matrix MX4 group training system was in Dubai in this high spec detailed gymnasium situated close to the airport.

Man, how this system pulled my attention as a sport scientist, it had all the bells and whistles a group strength and conditioning specialist longed for and the cherry on the top was it is easily adjustable and space saving and it still looked impressive.

Me being the typical analyst I inspected this system from head to toe… and it struck me, for the first time there is a proper group conditioning system that can accommodate everyone from young to old, from unconditioned to high performance.

And I know what you are thinking: how is this possible?

Here are some highlights of the MX4 that made me come to this conclusion:

  • MX4 truly bridges the gap between training and coaching.
  • The repeatable and expandable system can accommodate from 4 to 12 Athletes/ participants.
  • Easily adaptable periodized weekly plan that includes 3 workouts per week.
  • The programming is developed in such a way to test the individual’s ability and progressively promote all goals within fitness (cardio, power, endurance and strength).
  • Strong sport science fundamentals not only in the type of awesome exercises given but also applying FITT principles (reps, rest, sets, tempo) correctly too.
  • Great motivational tool for athletes in a team format to drive their holistic fitness in the right direction and make them personally accountable for reaching the specific target whether it is weight-loss or becoming more athletic.
  • A great variety of unique equipment (TRX, Wall balls, slam balls, plyo box, dumbbells, landmine, battle rope, kettlebells, power bands, S-drive, Krank cycle, Rower) to supply enough metabolic, neural and mechanical stress for proper total fitness results and having fun while doing so…

Is the MX4 system properly accredited, yes!!!  It has my stamp of approval…


Pierre Spies

Sport – Scientist

Owner of PSI Sport Institute

This article was written by: Pierre Spies, Director at Pierre Spies International Sport Institute

See MX4 classes live in action at FIBO Africa 2019 or sign up for the CEO Challenge.

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