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How to choose a good Indoor Rower

To help ease you into the world of rowing, here are 5 tips to use when buying an indoor rower:

1. Budget: Start by setting a price range for your rower before buying. If you would like to use the indoor rower on a regular basis, we suggest saving up and setting aside a reasonable amount that will enable you to buy a good quality indoor rower that will last.

2. Space: When buying an indoor rower, you should consider the amount of space that you have available; the typical length of a rower is about 2 m long. If you have limited space, you might want to consider buying a folding indoor rower. This will allow for more space if you are planning to perform other at-home workouts.

3. Type of Rowing Machine: Consider the type of rowing machine that you would like to buy, there are mainly three types: Water rowing machines, Air rowing machines and Magnetic rowing machines.

Water rowing machines use water to provide resistance. These rowing machines are a realistic representation of the water motion and provide excellent resistance. However, the water rowers are heavier than normal rowers and need more maintenance as the water in the cylinders need to be changed on regular intervals. You also run the risk of algae build-up if the indoor rower stands in the sun for prolonged periods.

Air rowing machines use air to provide resistance. The air rowers have efficient resistance system, but can be quite loud when in use.

Magnetic Indoor rowers are generally much quieter than other types of rowing machines; and also offer a much smoother operation. These rowers have adjustable magnetic resistance systems that makes the rowing operation more effective.

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4. Test the Indoor Rower : Another important tip when buying a rowing machine is to make sure that the machine is comfortable to use. We suggest that you test the rowing machine to ensure total satisfaction when making your purchase decision. Take your time when testing the machine and consider the following:

  • Sliding track, the length of the sliding track is especially important if you are tall, so make sure that your legs comfortably fit the machine when rowing. The material of the sliding track is also important, as this is the part of the machine that gets used the most. The sliding track has to be able to withstand the constant sliding of the seat; otherwise it will require a lot of maintenance, which could prove to be a costly exercise in the long run.
  • Rowing seat, make sure that the seat is not only comfortable, but also has enough grip to facilitate the rowing operation.
  • Durability, make sure that the machine is sturdy and made from durable material that will last.

The most important factor when testing the Indoor rowing machine is that you should be comfortable when using the rower, so don’t be shy to get onto the machine and use it for a few minutes to ensure that you are 100% happy with your decision.

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5. Maintenance and After Sale service:

Always choose a quality brand when it comes to buying gym equipment. Quality, well-known machines will not only have unique features, but will also offer value added services, like delivery and installation of your machine. Ideally a quality brand should also offer maintenance and after-sales servicing, regardless of whether it’s for commercial or home use. Quality after-sales support will ensure that your money is well spent.

Good luck with your purchase decision and feel free to contact Matrix Fitness if you need any additional assistance.

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