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Can I view the gym equipment for sale and test them before purchasing?

Yes, Johnson Health Tech (manufacturer of Matrix, Vision and Horizon gym equipment) has a showroom in Riversands, our showroom consists of cardio and strength equipment. Please note that we have a vast variety of gym equipment for sale and only stock a limited range at our showroom. Please arrange for an appointment with one of our gym equipment distributors.

What is the process once I have submitted a quotation request for gym equipment online?

Once you have submitted a quotation request for gym equipment, your request will be sent to one of our qualified distributors that work in your area. The distributor will make contact with you and (if needed) send additional information along with a quote that contains all pricing of the product that you selected. Please note that if you have selected a large amount of products, your quotation can take up to 48 hours to complete.

How long will my gym equipment take to be delivered?

Johnson Health Tech SA can provide you with an estimate of when your fitness products will be delivered, but the timeline of your delivery will depend on various factors such as finance and paperwork, available stock and capacity of the warehouse. If you have accepted a quotation and have paid the amount due and all the products selected are in stock then your products should be delivered within 7-14 working days. Please note that this is just an estimate and if you require an exact time, it is recommended to speak to our warehouse manager for your delivery slot.

Does JHT SA offer finance options for fitness equipment?

No, Johnson Health Tech SA does not offer finance options to the public.

How do I request a quotation for gym equipment online?

To send a quotation request for gym equipment online, navigate to the product that you are interested in, select the quantity that you are interested in and then select the “add to quote” option (You can select however many products you like.) After you have made your selection, you can click on the link at the top of the right-hand side of the page that reads” view quote”, simply select “request quote”, fill in your details and place the quote request. Click here to go back to our home page and start shopping for your gym equipment online.

Why can’t I find any pricing for gym equipment online?

Our units are subject to exchange rate fluctuation and the price can vary based on the exchange rate of the day. We could well have the same unit at different costs and are better suited to give you the best possible price based stock holding. Please mail us so that we can assist you and ensure that you are getting the best possible pricing for the commercial gym unit selected.

Can Johnson Health Tech SA assist me in starting a gym?

JHT SA can unfortunately not help you start a gym, we can only assist with the layout, design of the gym and provide you with a quotation for your gym equipment. If you are interested in starting a gym, please read this article first.

What is the warranty on the products?