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Benefits of an Elliptical Trainer

What are the benefits of an elliptical trainer for home use?

  • Low impact workouts

The low impact of the elliptical allows you to enjoy a cardiovascular exercise that is easier on your joints than running on a treadmill.


  • Training on an elliptical exercise machine is a good cardiovascular workout

The exercise machine can provide a tough workout and is an excellent form of cardio. Try a tempo or interval training session for best results. A tough training session on the elliptical is also good to get your cardiovascular system into running shape.


  • High-intensity workout for walkers.

The elliptical trainer also uses a bigger range of motion on the joints of the lower body, despite its lower impact.  This lets you work more intensely without impact.  If you appreciate the simplicity of walking but don’t want to take on running, an elliptical can give you a similar calorie burn.


  • High-calorie burn

Running on a treadmill burns the most amount of calories. But you can increase your calorie burn on an elliptical trainer by relying entirely on the mechanics of your body, rather than the machine, to hold your body upright and complete the movement is key to maximizing your calorie burn.

But don’t fret if you’re not a runner! Elliptical workouts are a solid choice to increase the calorie burn of your workouts. If you keep your Rate of Perceived Exertion at a level similar to running on a treadmill, energy expenditure and oxygen consumption is similar as well.  This means that you’ll get fitter and burn running level calories by mixing elliptical training into your weekly workouts.


  • Make HIIT Workouts Accessible.

HIIT workouts, or High Intensity Interval Training, get positive press for good reason.  These workouts increase our Post Workout Oxygen Consumption (i.e. calorie burn), increase levels of Human Growth Hormone, and get us fit faster.  HIIT workouts sound intimidating, but they are doable for anyone.  By taking the impact out of HIIT training and letting you work at your own rate, elliptical HIIT workouts will level up your training.


While your workout flies by, keep tabs on your form.  Leaning on the machine will not only compromise your back and your breathing, but will also result in lower calories burned.  Hold your body upright and drive with the arms, as well as the legs to involve your entire body in your workout.