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Why should you consider a corporate gym? Corporate Wellness is becoming increasingly popular in small and large Corporates. As employees spend more and more time in the work environment and become more stressed, it is vital (as many case studies have shown) that employees take care of themselves. Not only does this benefit the employee, but employers reap the benefits of less absenteeism and increased ROI.

Mvunonala Holdings is one such Corporate that understands the importance in assisting employees in improving their health and maintain high levels of productivity.

Mvunonala Holdings is a well known Asset Management Company with a staff compliment of over 1 000 people. They had a need for a corporate gym and were searching for a premium gym equipment company to partner with to assist with a full turnkey solution for their Corporate gym facility.

Matrix Fitness was elated to partner with Mvunonala and started the process with a consultation, diligently assessing the needs of the company as well as staff.

After assessing the company’s needs, Matrix Fitness proposed a solution with a suggestion on equipment as well as an intricate 3D gym design, that was drawn to scale and took flow, aesthetics and processes into account


Corporate gym 3D Gym design


When designing a corporate gym , there are many factors that have to be taken into account, below are the factors that were most important for Mvunonala:

  • Employees: It is important to consider the amount of employees, but also to be realistic on the amount of employees that will actually use the gym area.  In Mvunonala’s case, 700-800 employees are using the gym.  This is important as care should be taken to establish the amount of equipment that will be needed to fulfill employee’s needs efficiently.  Alternatively, in this case, set schedules were worked out and implemented with the gym hours to ensure all employees receive time to train without filling up the gym area and creating unnecessary queues.
  • Flow of Equipment: Matrix Fitness designed the flow of the products to optimize floor space provided and analyze the maximum amount of members that can train at one time.
  • Aesthetics are another important factor and creates a positive ambiance within the training environment. Matrix Fitness added in small details such as wall paper, plants and other decor items.

The final solution for Mvunonala had a cardio, strength and studio zone equipped with the latest products to cater to their needs.

The Vision Fitness range was selected for the Cardio section of the corporate gym, as these products are manufactured by Johnson Health Tech internationally and are real “workhorses” that are tested for usage of up to 12 hours a day. The Vision Range also has a large spare-holding available in South Africa, which ensures quick turn-around time on services and increased longevity.

The KrankCycle was also added to the cardio section. This item is unique and breathes new air into any fitness routine, ensuring that employees remain motivated by trying new workouts. It is also extremely versatile and can be used by disabled staff.

The Johnson Strength range was placed into the strength section and a combination of Ziva and Reebok functional items were used for the studio/functional area.

Ziva is a well established brand that has product warranties second to none.  When designing and equipping a corporate facility, the number one factor should always be 1) longevity and 2) maintenance of equipment, as no business owner wants to spend additional, unnecessary money to replace their products every 3-6 months.  The Reebok Professional range is also a great investment for any corporate gym as the items last longer.  ( Look closely the next time you go to a commercial gym like Virgin Active and you will see the Reebok and Ziva range in their facilities.)

Not only did Matrix design and advise on the gym layout and processes, we also implemented a maintenance plan and after-sales service to ensure the longevity of the equipment.

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