Matrix Home Range Consoles

Matrix Home range consoles
  The Matrix Home collection XR, XER and XIR consoles: The new Matrix Home Range has recently been launched and has three consoles to choose from. The three different intuitive consoles give users choices, whether they’re looking for an advanced experience that includes access to their favourite apps, social media, premium entertainment, stunning virtual journeys and...

Matrix Fitness launches new Home Range of Gym Equipment

Matrix Home Range
Matrix Fitness SA has launched a new Home Range of cardio fitness equipment. Previously available only in a gym or club setting, users can now experience the dynamic performance and uncompromising design of Matrix products from the comfort of their own home. Optimized for the home environment, the Matrix home range offers the same durability, performance...

Matrix Fitness Launches New Self-Powered Treadmill

S-Drive Treadmill
Introducing the S-Drive Performance Trainer Discover the versatile S-Drive Performance Trainer to help your athletes elevate their explosiveness and endurance while refining form. Only the S-Drive Performance Trainer gives you everything you get from self-powered treadmills, weighted sleds, resistance parachutes and harness systems in one space-saving footprint. Athletes can improve overall agility through a mix...
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